Who I Am

Hi! I’m Summer and this is my new adventure. I am new to this crazy and exciting world of book/movie reviews and blogging. But don’t let that deter you. I am not new to book and movie recommendations. I worked in the movie industry for a while, where my main job was to find out who my audience was and suggest a movie that they would love. I read, write, and watch on the daily.

I started this because I am an aspiring author. through my connections with other authors I have realized there is a great need for bloggers who are willing to review just about any genre. I love to read most anything. So.. if you need a review just shoot me a quick email. I also do arc, interviews, and cover reveals upon request.

The other aspects of the blog, film and tv reviews is simply a passion of mine. Why not blog about the things that interest me, right?

The Book Siren will be spit between the book reviews and the film reviews. However, they will cross paths where book have been turned into film.