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Friday Five – 2017.06.23

Eekk! I logged in today to find out I had 3 likes and 2 new followers!! Thank you!

Today is Friday in Five. I will review a several free books from different platforms. Today’s platform is Here is the catch… I am only reading the first 5% of the book before writing up the small review. I will try to choose different genres to review. This means you may not always find something you are interested in. But there may be times when you find your new favorite author.

The rating system for these will be slightly different as well.  I will either give it:

1 wave for I likely won’t continue
2 waves for  I’ll keep reading to see if it gets better
3 waves for It left enough impression that I want to read the rest (Most books go here)
4 waves for I’m reading the rest of the book just as soon as I finish this post

(Book Covers can be clicked to take you to their Amazon page.)

Daring the Pilot (Men of Marietta Book 3) by Jeannie Moon

Keely Anderson is book smart. When it comes to geology she is spot on.. but put her in a situation that requires a little safety sense and she is clueless. Keely’s character is not my favorite. She seems like the typical girl who needs someone to rescue her.

Jonah Clark is the bad boy turned hero. I like Jonah’s character. He is the hero who doesn’t claim to be a hero, which is a realistic view of a true hero. There is a Prelude that takes up much of the first 5%, but I’m not convinced it was needed. I think the part of the story told in it could have been placed throughout the actual novel. This opinion could change as I read more.

When I first saw the title of this book I thought Marietta, GA. (That’s where I am from) The cover picture looks nothing like that though. As well it shouldn’t since it takes places in Colorado. It’s beautiful and perfect for Keely and Jonah.

Overall, I’ll definitely want to read more if not for Jonah Clark. The is Book 3 in the a series, but from the first couple of pages it appears that you don’t have to have read the first 2 books.

Genre: Contemporary Romance: Military

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The Bewitching Hour (Bewitching Hour Series Book One) by Mallory Crowe

Samantha Harris is troubled young adult (early 20s) who seems to have some type of affliction. We learn she has to take part in certain proclivities for it but we don’t quite learn what it is in the first 5%. We do learn she is rebellious and seems to be the type to push people away.

Derek Pierce is the devastatingly handsome detective who moved in next door. Too bad he stands for everything Sam is against. We really star to see his character take shape in chapter two through Sam’s eyes at first and then more for who he really is.

I’m intrigued by the paranormal element in the story. The psychics seem to live in the open with humans… even as far as the police force calling upon them for help. I don’t really have a dislike at this point in the book.

Genre: Paranormal: Witches & Wizards, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction: Heist, Noir

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Summer at the Lake (Flying Solo Book One) by Linda Barrett

In a word… Healing. It was clear from the beginning that this book would be about healing. I instantly fell in love with the sweet 11 year old girl Ashley, who had went through a traumatizing event. Watching even the little amount of healing she did in the first few pages of the book felt like she was allowing us to glimpse a part of her life through her mother. On the other hand we have a police negotiator who needs healing of his own. (I’m assuming the romance is between the mother and he. Although, they were just meeting when my 5% was up.) I can’t wait to delve right back into this book. In fact, I will be just as soon as I finish the reviews for two other books this weekend.

Genre: Contemporary: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction: Family Life

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Critical Dawn (The Invasion Trilogy Book One) by Darren Wearmouth

Critical Dawn follows an archeological team as the uncover ancient burial sites and digs. They come upon a rather strange find on one dig. Current decade technology in a sixteenth century burial site. Which obviously means….. aliens. Up to this point in the book.. I’m not particularly invested in the characters or the story really. There are a couple of grammatical errors, but not so much that it detracts from the story thus far.

My overall opinion is that I likely won’t continue to read this one.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy: Colonization, First Contact, Alien Invasion

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The Unleashed Creation: The Clan-Vampire Clash: A Prequel by Betsy Flak

I was at 5% long before I realized it. Adara and Charlie’s quirky relationship is shown immediately. And while I originally thought they just worked well together, I’m beginning to wonder if they’re actually a couple. The “bad guy” are called Indestrucibles”, which is a little off putting to me.. but I don’t quite think that’s enough to through out the entire novel.

Genre: Young Adult, Teen, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Wizards & Witches, Supernatural

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