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Friday Five – 2017.06.30

I’ve only got four today. 😦 I had some last minute things with the family come up and struggled to get the four finished. I’m currently reading two novels so those reviews should be ready next week. Along with the promised review of Lux by MJ Vieira. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I updated the review for Justice in Death by Francesca Vance. I hope you all find at least one novel from the free eBooks that captures your attention. Happy Reading!

Justice in Death Review Here

I will review a several free books from different platforms. Today’s platform is Here is the catch… I am only reading the first 5% of the book before writing up the small review. I will try to choose different genres to review. This means you may not always find something you are interested in. But there may be times when you find your new favorite author.

The rating system for these will be slightly different as well.  I will either give it:

1 wave for I likely won’t continue
2 waves for  I’ll keep reading to see if it gets better
3 waves for It left enough impression that I want to read the rest (Most books go here)
4 waves for I’m reading the rest of the book just as soon as I finish this post

(Book Covers can be clicked to take you to their Amazon page.)

Going Down (Five Wishes Series Book One) by Elise Sax

I can’t say that I was particularly invested in any of the characters introduced. The main character Marion, is a struggling actress who thinks you need to be a sized 0 to make it. Her neighbor and landlord is a handsome man who’s in love with Marion, but she is completely oblivious to it. And then there is the best friend, Raine. Who obviously knows something is up and wants to lose 40 pounds for her childhood crush. I wish there were something more. Something to really draw me in. But it’s just not there for me.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Comedy Romance


Free from the Tracks (Troubled Book One) by K T Bowes

“Don’t be nervous by their stares.. they’re like cows.”

I can relate to Sophia, the main character. At her age, I wanted to get lost in the crowd. Heck, I still do. Dane is a typical high school jock except he really isn’t at all. When other kids were writing fluff pieces just to pass, he was writing about the things in society that actually mattered. I’m intrigued to see how the rest of the story goes.

While the book is fiction it sells best under Non-fiction: Parenting: Teenagers, for it’s realistic characters.

Genre: World Literature: Australian and Oceanian



Beyond Control by Karce Bolton

The beginning of Beyond Control seemed to drag for me. I think it definitely has potential to be a great book. The MC obviously had some type of rough past that I’m definitely curious about. I’ll likely keep reading to see if the pacing gets better. I had just met the man I assume will be the love interest, but didn’t get to read much about him before my 5% was up.

Genre: Genre Fiction: Coming of Age, Romance: New Adult & College



Angel Unborn (A Deadly Sins Novel) by Andris Bear

Andris Bear has mastered the art of showing and not telling. Her descriptions of the characters and scenes make you feel as if you are actually watching them. Joey Benton is just now starting to get powers in the form of unfathomable delusions that are going to get her locked into the psych ward. I love the voice of the story and Andris’ way of explaining things. I’m definitely coming back to this book!

Genre: Romance: Paranormal, Gothic, Angels, Demons & Devils



Did you snag an eBook today? What do you think about it?
I would love to get a fim vs movie review up next week. Any requests?



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