Review Policy

Review Copies I will/will not accept?

ARC, Finished Copy, Published, eBook, Paperback, Hardback, Self Published, Indie Publisher, Indie Author, Short Story (If your book does not fall under any of these categories, send me a message and we can discuss.)

Genres I will/will not accept?

I am available to read all genres, both fiction and non-fiction. While non-fiction is not my favorite, I will still give an open and honest review. The genres I prefer are Urban fantasy, young adult, romance, erotica.

I’m especially interested in motorcycle clubs and dystopian worlds.

What if my genre is not your favorite?

I will still review. I pledge to review everything as if it is my favorite genre. I will look at it with open eyes to give a honest review that will be helpful to your fan base.

What does honest review mean?

Regardless, of whether I received the book for free or not, my review will be honest. It will consist of both my likes and dislikes. All reviews are graded on a rating system. I will love some books, I will like most books, but there may be some that I am not fond of. This will be expressed in the review.

Where do I post to?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, The Book Siren Blog, and an excerpt of the review is posted to The Book Siren Blog Facebook Page

I am looking into netgalley.

About my Reviews

All reviews include a rating, the release date (and pre-order date if applicable), the published blurb, and buy links.

The review will be posted within a week of reading if already published. If it is an advanced copy review will go up the month of release, release day if possible. (Please include release day in email communication.)

I guarantee that most books received will be reviewed. If I am unable to review I will convey this.

Rating System

5 Waves – Amazing! Buy it NOW.

4 Waves – Pretty good book, few flaws

3 Waves – Okay, but not the book for me

2 Waves – Really bad. Rent it from the library.

1 Wave – Horrible. Don’t bother.

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